Become A Membership?


1. Criteria for membership of the association is as follows:

A. Ordinary Member
i)  Nationality: Malaysia
ii) Minimum age: 25 years
iii) Minimum Degree holder
iv) Involved in the field of research and education

Membership application is by invitation. All applications are processed and decided  by the Committee.

B. Associate Member
Open to individuals who do not qualify for ordinary membership.

C. Honorary Member
An individual who has contributed to the community and is able to contribute to the aims of the association. An honorary member is determined by the Committee and exempted from the membership fee.

D. Life Member
An individual who is a member for life of the association and only need to pay the membership fee once.


2. Every membership application shall be proposed and seconded by members and sent to the Secretary as soon as possible for consideration by the Committee. The Committee may in its discretion refuse any application without giving reasons.

3. An applicant whose application has been approved is required to pay the membership fee for him/her to be accepted as a member of the association.


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