Malaysia Association of Research and Education for Educators (MAsREE) aspires to see educators, academicians and researchers working hand in hand to share, expand and disseminate knowledge and experiences to the younger generation. A group of senior academicians gathered and met on the 10th of March 2016 to discuss the possibility of forming an association for institutional research.

As a result of this meeting, Malaysia Association of Research and Education for Educators (MAsREE) was formed to undertake (i) expansion of research and education expertise at all levels to enhance quality human capital development and (ii) organize activities to share research output, working papers, reviews and articles in various fields of studies.

The major aims of the Malaysia Association of Research and Education for Educators are to:

1. Enhance research activities leading to the improvement of understanding, planning, and operation of research and education at all levels of learning to develop quality human capital;

2. Disseminate information and share ideas on areas of common interest in the field of institutional research;

3. Foster unity and cooperation among individuals having interests and activities related to institutional research, management, policy and planning;

4. Increase awareness of the community to share information, knowledge and practical through workshops and seminars.

The International Research Journal of Education and Sciences (IRJES) is the e-journal of the association. The first volume of IRJES was published online in January 2017.


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